Social Media Management

There are millions of conversations going on in the world right now. Some may be saying great things about your brand, others may not; are you listening?

Our social media monitoring and reporting tools allow you to tune into those ongoing conversations as they happen. Whether you want to find and reward those praising your brand or find others who recently had an unpleasant experience and would like to rectify the situation, with our online listening tools we’ll be able to hone in and help you engage.

Account Management

Social media can no longer be ignored.

It seems as if every day there are new social apps and platforms emerging and many brands quickly jump to capitalize on them. Unfortunately, many brands end up neglecting these accounts, seldom posting and rarely engaging users.

Our social media management capabilities ensure that the proper channels are being utilized and that they are reaching their maximum potential. Which platform is really right for your business and goals? How much more efficiently can you run your organization by having Social Butterflye handle all of your social media messaging and branding? Contact us today to start the conversation.