Social Media Strategic Planning

Social Butterflye is a complete social branding and marketing agency.

We partner with our clients to learn about their businesses, from what their short and long term goals are to their current marketing plans and the overall social imprint of their brand. We then get to work building a detailed social media strategy with measurable results and a focus on ROI that will be integrated into the entire life cycle of your campaign.

Our Process

  1. Analyze: What are your current social marketing initiatives? How is your brand viewed online? How is it communicating with its audience?
  2. Influence: Determine and identify the influencers within your brand.
  3. Build: Build a comprehensive social media strategy using platforms that will benefit and enhance your social brand.
  4. Test: Analyze result metrics driven by social media initiatives from all aspects of your campaign, making adjustments as needed.
  5. Reporting: Generate detailed monthly reports on social media initiatives, as compared with clearly delineated goals.